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The Startup Ecosystem’s

 Inhouse Legal & Compliance Manager


Startup Advisory

LexStart specializes in providing support on all aspects of starting and running a business in the early stage ecosystem. Our team of lawyers and company secretaries diligently work with startups, incubators, accelerators and investors, helping them navigate through the various legal and regulatory challenges to structure deals.

  • Entrepreneur looking to start a business, or

  • A start-up wondering what to do next when it comes to hiring employees, offering ESOPs or even executing Term Sheet for fundraising, or

  • An incubator or accelerator looking at creating incubation service agreements or startup package for your incubates, or

  • An investor looking at conducting due diligence, fundraising documentation for your portfolio companies,

  • A company looking for assistance with commercial contracts,

  • We can support you in the process.

  • Simply put, we act as in-house counsel and compliance manager for startups!


Services for every stage

Pre-Starting up

  • Non Disclosure Agreement

  • IP Assignment Agreement

  • Consultancy Agreement

  • Co-Founders' Agreement

  • Legal Consultancy

Starting up

  • Incorporation Package

  • PAN and TAN Registration

  • Start up India Registration

  • GST Registration

  • Trademark Registration

Running a Start-up

  • Compliance Package

  • Assistance with Board Meeting

  • Maintenance of Statutory Register

  • Assistance with approval on investor rights

  • Employment Agreements


  • Due Diligence

  • Term Sheet

  • Share Subscription Agreement

  • Loan Agreement

  • Convertible Loans

  • Allotment of Shares

  • Filing forms with MCA/RBI

  • Issuance of Share Certificate


Committed to positively impacting the legal industry and building a lasting company


Nov 26, 2021

Indian laws on games involving element of money

The pandemic has seen a steep rise in people turning to online gaming in India. According to a Deloitte India study, from $1.1 billion in 2019...


Nov 26, 2021

Genetically Modified Seeds in India: IP Rights and Regulatory Framework

Technology has permeated into every sector in today’s digital age. Innovations and newer, better techniques have enabled far more...


Nov 26, 2021

Drones and Drone Rules, 2021

According to the Drone Rules, 2021 (‘Drone Rules’ or ‘Rules’), “drone” or “unmanned aircraft system” (“UAS”), means an aircraft that can operate autonomously or can be operated remotely without a pilot on board.


Here's a round up of some questions and answers on Quora.

Which are some good ESOP management firms in India?

We at LexStart assist with creating, managing, and granting ESOPs online.

Answer requested by Nilima Singh

What ESOP/equity do start-ups offer? When can it be exercised, and how?

The quantum of ESOPs/equity in a start up depends on various factors, such as salary being offered by the start up, designation and role of the employee, etc. ESOPs can be exercised only ...

Answer requested by Jigar Shah

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