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Compliance & Legal during Fundraising

Anisha Patnaik, Co-Founder

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Thinking of fundraising? But do you know that after you go through the process of pitching your startup to the investors, you need to go through the process of due diligence where the investors would like to check whether your company is compliant and has all the paperwork in place! In these testing times, you need to ensure that you pre-empt these requirements and keep everything ready so that you can expedite the investment process and get money in the bank ASAP.

About Speaker

Anisha Patnaik is the Co-founder of LexStart, a web-based platform that provides legal and compliance services to startups, investors, and incubators/accelerators. She is a lawyer with over 15 years of experience with special emphasis on transactions in the early-stage space. Anisha regularly advises startups, incubators, and investors on legal issues ranging from starting up to operating a business in India, negotiating fundraising transactions, commercial contracts, and ESOP structuring and implementation.

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