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Understanding Jargons Like Grant, Vesting, Exercise Price, Learn Industry Practices

Anisha Patnaik, Co-Founder


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Key Points

  • What exactly does Employee Stock Option mean? 

  • Understand jargon like Granting, Vesting, Exercise Price, Exercise Period, Cliff, Strike Price, etc. 

  • What are the factors to take into consideration while structuring the ESOPs for your startup?

  • How do they work and answer questions like :

  • Does the employee have to pay money? 

  • Can they get shares upfront? 

  • What happens if they leave the company? 

  • Most commonly used structures, mechanisms, and terms

  • Tax consequence at each stage of ESOPs.

About Speaker

Anisha Patnaik is the Co-founder of LexStart, a web-based platform that provides legal and compliance services to startups, investors, and incubators/accelerators. She is a lawyer with over 15 years of experience with special emphasis on transactions in the early-stage space. Anisha regularly advises startups, incubators, and investors on legal issues ranging from starting up to operating a business in India, negotiating fundraising transactions, commercial contracts, and ESOP structuring and implementation.

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