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MasterClass on Granting Stock Incentives to Advisors, Mentors and Consultants

Anisha Patnaik, Co-Founder

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As a startup, we have at some point in time, promised share, stock options, or sweat equity of consultants, advisors, mentors.  But when it comes to implementing the promise, we find ourselves in a fix. So many factors to consider:

  1. Dilution of existing shareholders;

  2. Cluttering of Cap Table;

  3. Granting shares below fair market value to an advisor who is a non-resident, etc.

Well, while stock options are the most common structure for granting stock incentives, one needs to consider alternate structures to mitigate the above mention issues.

Join us to follow detailed masterclass on structuring Stock Incentives and understands measures of Advisory Stock Options,  Phantom Shares, Partly Paid-up Shares, etc.

Who Should Attend?

  • Founders/Entrepreneurs

  • Directors

  • Mentors/Advisors

  • HR Personnel

Key Takeaways

  • ESOPs vs. Advisory Stock vs. Phantom Shares vs. Sweat Equity

  • Key Features of each

  • Pros and Cons

  • Process

  • Key Terms to consider

  • Tax issues (High level)

About Speaker

Anisha runs LexStart, a group of entities that focus on providing legal and compliance support to the early stage ecosystem. Anisha has over 16 years of experience in corporate commercial lawyers with extensive experience in M&As, Joint Ventures, and has been focusing on the startup ecosystem for the last 9 years. Anisha regularly advises entrepreneurs, startup, investors, incubators, and accelerators

on matters relating to the structuring entities, co-founders and shareholders agreement, investment transactions (right from term sheet to due diligence to documentation to closing) structuring stock incentives, etc.

Anisha has been a Partner at a law firm, General Counsel at a development sector venture capital fund, and the founding team of a startup accelerator before co-founding LexStart. Anisha's vast experience as a lawyer and as an entrepreneur helps her assist entrepreneurs and startups to negative through the legal and compliance maze!

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