Now BSE India Has A Platform For Startups

With an aim to boost the Startup Environment, BSE India has now launched a platform for new-age companies. Startups on BSE’s new platform will go live on 9th July. 


The BSE platform will facilitate the listing of the companies in sector such as :

  • IT , ITES , biotechnology and life science,

  • 3D printing , space technology , e-commerce , hi-tech defence , drones , nano-technologies,

  • artificial intelligence , big data , virtual reality , e-gaming , exoskeleton , robotics , holographic technology ,

  • genetic engineering , variable computers , inside body computer technology and any other hi-tech company.


  • The pre-issue paid-up equity share Capital of the company should be a minimum of Rs. 1 crore.

  • Company should be in existence for a minimum period of 3 years on the date of filing the draft prospectus with BSE.

  • Startup should preferably have an investment by QIB investors/ angel Investors for a minimum period of 2 years at the time of filing of draft prospectus with BSE, and such aggregate investment should be at least Rs 1 crore.

  • A net worth that is positive.

  • No reference to NCLT under IBC, 2016.

  • No winding up petition that has been accepted by NCLT.


  • Will help expose these companies to different forms of capital and also bring better transparency in terms of valuation, corporate governance etc.

  • Will provide ease of access to Startups and these emerging companies for getting listed on a national exchange and giving a boost to the Indian Startup ecosystem in terms of funding, by lifting investor confidence.

  • The Startups need not go through the conventional initial public offering, as they get access to a credible class of investors on this platform by BSE, India.

  • The expectation is that this new platform- the BSE Startup Platform will be further strengthened to give startups much-deserved visibility.

  • One can expect better corporate governance standards and more transparency in fundraising and valuation.


  • The biggest challenge on the BSE, India platform is the lack of participation from the retail class of investors, who actually provide the momentum.

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