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Urgent reminder for filing of Form DIR 3 – KYC | 5 things you need to file the Form DIR 3 – KYC

As pointed out in our previous article (Directorship – Comply with MCA, KYC Guidelines), the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Government of India has decided to conduct a KYC check of all directors of all companies registered in India on an annual basis. As per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, any person who has been allotted Director Identification Number (“DIN/DPIN”) on or before March 31, 2018 and the status of such DIN is ‘Approved’, needs to file form DIR 3 – KYC to update KYC details in the system of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

The KYC has to be filed on or before September 15, 2018.

You will require these 5 things to make this filing:

(i) A unique personal mobile number and a personal email id;

(ii) PAN number and Aadhar number;

(iii) Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate.

(iv) Form DIR 3 – KYC which has been filled in by you and certified by a practicing Chartered Account / Company Secretary or a Certified Management Accountant (Certified by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India); and

(v) A proof of permanent address which needs to be attached to the form. Bank statement, electricity bill, telephone / mobile bill which specifies the address of the director may be attached as address proof, provided that bank statement, electricity bill, telephone or mobile bill shall not be more than 2 months old.

Please remember that if you fail to file the Form DIR 3 – KYC by September 15, 2018, then the Ministry of Corporate Affairs shall mark your DIN as deactivated, and you will have to pay a fee of INR 5000 /- to file the form and reactivate your DIN.

For further details you can also refer to the FAQs on the Form DIR 3 – KYC issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the FAQs.

Click HERE to  file Form DIR 3 - KYC with LexStart

Click here to download the Form DIR 3 – KYC

Click here to download the Instruction Kit for Form DIR 3 – KYC

At LexStart we advise start-ups at various stages of growth on disclosure related compliances and non-disclosure arrangements. You can reach out to with any specific queries that you may have.


Disclaimer: Please note that the article above is for information purposes only and represents the views of the author and should not be construed as legal advice.

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