Because as an entrepreneur and especially women who have to multi-task, it becomes

imperative that we pause and take care of ourselves and just unwind!

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How do you spend your me-time?

I love working and learning; and things, like listening podcasts or reading books

Me time" for me does not mean "time off". I love working and learning; and things, like listening to podcasts or reading books so I can become better at my job, is my version of "me time". Similarly, with exercising, eating well all of this helps in keeping me focussed, patient, and persistent. 

Suchita Salwan

Founder CEO, LBB


How do you spend your me-time?



A very helpful colleague & a nice person to work with. The soft-spoken, polite, supportive, well-spoken, disciplined girl at work, enough pretty to have a collection of pictures of yourself.



Sundar Sushil Sanskari ! You are a tough and resilient woman, a fighter! Truly someone who has lightened up any situation with a joke & a laugh. You are such a fun person to have at work. Just stop worrying about: Finding Love”.


Thank you for being the voice of reason. An extremely patient person with loads of empathy. A perfect person knows exactly what to be spoken to whom. Boundless patience & diplomacy skills, thank you for sharing the load & bringing the benchmark higher!


Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka! Looks small but scares everyone! You are strong back to us with a soft front. Surprises come in small packets. Consummate professional! The girl who respects her mother tongue. Decent, helpful, and soft-spoken person.


Chupa Rustam!  Fraud non-vegetarian, always open to take new tasks. Enjoyed working and brainstorming with you a lot! Always keep cool, calm disposition & sweet smileHeart melts when you carry responsibilities on your shoulder. Be the way you are always.


Enthu Cutlet! Always Smiling! A big team player and a Sport! Also, unlimited supplies of Khakhra! Life is tough my darling, but so are you. Keep Smiling, over-energetic creatures.


You made us look Prettier! Always ready with a smile. The Notorious & Talkative Person. A creative person, an intellect backed by heart. Oh, dab girl. Fun to be around. Where is Kabir Singh? ..... Preeti. Creative, cool and amazing person.


A wonderful person, always smiling & ready to help, has a bright future, and the speed you are learning and managing. You are like a tea bag, no one can tell how strong you are until they put you in hot water. Lol!!



The person who is extremely clear what she wants who is strong and confident to follow her own path. A woman with vision and voice. An example of the utmost efficiency. Professional at work and always up for challenges.


The fashionista of LexStart! You are a wonderful person to be around. Most beautiful, helpful, polite, gossip partner, tough, calm and knows exactly what she wants.

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